Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mom

I really don't even remember how my mom got roped into this blog relationship between myself and Scott, aka Mr. Devil, but I think it may have had something to do with a late-night, alcohol-laced conversation between him and her, while we were at Nobu 57 in NYC and she was just getting home from dinner in Florida. Wherein, after seeing her picture, he referred to her, while talking to her, as a "MILF," and she just laughed it off, not knowing the origin of that term.

So now it's a running joke, and I am sure that the two of them eventually will meet, while my dad is off in la la land, saying something like, "Huh? What's a blog? Who is Scott? Where is the food? What did I do with my purse?" Just kidding dad. No time to post extensively now, but Scott has a hilarious question and answer piece today, where yours truly and my mom make another appearance. I am pasting it below. Don't sue me Scott.

Q: come on... spill it.. What is the "dish" with you and Dish.I read her blog and she said you were in her apartment and went dog walking. Are you telling us that you two have never hooked up??? and woman to man.. she likes you. it is obvious.
A: Dish is moving back to Florida. This paves the way for us to decide we like each other the day before she leaves, because we both know there is no chance we could ever be together. She will contemplate staying in New York after we have torrid sex all night, at which time I will drug her and carry her onto the plane myself if I have to. I will then fly to Florida a month to visit, where the "relationship" will end when Dish finds me and her mother making out in the produce section of Publix.