Friday, August 19, 2005

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Why does insomnia, like allergies, come on late in life? I used to be able to sleep for a solid ten hours a night. Now, I'm lucky if I can cram in 6 or 7 hours. I cannot shut off my brain at night, which has something to do with it. What the other part of the equation is I don't really know. Have cut back on the caffeine, work out religiously, eat right, etc. WTF? I just want my eight hours. Was up till 4:30 last night and out the door this a.m. by 7:30. Now, this would be fine if I actually had a day job, but since I don't, I'm completely useless in the morning. I caught up on e-mail, did some banking, etc. but now am totally crashing and am not a good napper. Must fix this insomnia thing. Help!!! Realize this is the most boring post ever, but my brain is functioning at half capacity, if that. Grrrr.