Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My God, all I want to do is shop, shop, shop and I have no dough. Neiman's and Saks and Bergdorf's—sale time. I don't even tempt myself by going to Bal Harbour. In fact I have cosmetics I need to return to Saks and I'm putting it off so as not to be tempted.

It's quite stormy here but my schedule has eased up a bit, so this week is a bit of a breather. Mom and dad are flying in for the day Saturday to help me look at condos, because as of the 2nd week in August I am like totally homeless. Who the hell would have thought that I would be 31 and sans an abode? Nobody, honestly.

I can't remember if I wrote this already, but I saw Hairspray and loved, loved, loved it. I'm sure theater snobs won't, but screw them, I—and about 300 gay guys—had a smile on my face during the whole entire movie.