Monday, September 21, 2009

Wanted you guys to be (sort of) the first ones to know that your's truly has a story in the New York Post tomorrow. Holla. It's in the "Pulse" section (features). Be sure to pick up a copy and obv I will post the direct link in the (my version of the a.m.) If you arise before me (all of you) and just cannot wait—I think it would be somewhere in this here link. Though you'll probably have to do some digging. Vvvv psyched. This is definitely the most significant publication I've written for. Thus bringing NY closer and closer. Hopefully, anyway. You never know though, so we'll see what the reaction is (if any).

My quandry is where even to find the Post in this podunk 'city.' Epicure's the only place I've seen it. Can you say pathetic? xoxox