Thursday, October 08, 2009

Heading to Hospital

Less than an hour to go till PET results. Armed with mom's first (pre-upgrade) engagement ring; dad's watch; Hemley's ring fr India; Michael's pendant fr India hung on a red string from a holy site in India; wooden bracelet from Costa Rica; Ferre shirt from last trip to Italy that reads: "I want to live my life not record it"; my first pair of premier designer shoes (Choos); and my Jackie O Gucci bag, bought when Meredith still worked there; and of course Oribe's 24k Gold Pomade.

Acupuncturist put me at ease. As ready as I'll ever be. I won't be answering my phone. Dana in charge of phone change and Nancy's # is 904-945-4366. Don't expect anything till after 4.