Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ugh, I went to the Mondrian today and was literally salivating. This condo-hotel is going to be phenomenally gorgeous. The sales office alone is stunning. Two problems, both equal issues: No dogs are allowed. The prices are astronomical. New York prices—$711,000 for a studio that is less than 600 square feet and has no alcove area. On the other hand, a corner-unit, one-bedroom with great views is $746,000. However, if I had the money and pets were allowed, I would live there in a heartbeat. On site bars, Agua Spa, Asia de Cuba, fully appointed units with huge plasmas and designed by Marcel Wanders. It's going to be fabulous. Though the no dogs thing is bizarre, as I could swear I've seen dogs in The Mondrian in L.A. and other Morgans Group hotels. . . This was going to be my week of doing nothing except looking for apartments. Now I suddenly have a serious interview tomorrow morning. I barely remember applying for the job, as it was in May.

Soooo not in interview mode right now.