Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choo, Dior for Sale!

On that note, I've been dragging my feet on eBaying some of my items—when they don't sell it's so annoying to have to pay! I've got this amazing Dior that I've worn about 10 times in 8 years (see below). It's black deerskin with gold hardware. I loooove this bag I just never wear! This bag was upwards of $1,500 years ago. I will happily part with it for much, much less. It's probably worth about $2,500 in today's ridic handbag price scale.

This could work as the poshest diaper bag thingy/whatever you call your lil pregnancy purses, as it has like 20 pockets for all kinds of shit. It even has a special cell phone slip inside.

And this is the worst—I went out and bought this pair of fabulous, camel patent Choos to wear to my Heeb reading and then wore the gold Guccis instead. I simply cannot do four-inchers. Consequently, these have never been worn and are actually one of a kind. Size 37. For some reason the Choo in Merrick Park (Coral Gables) was the only one to get them. Why Florida of all places, no idea. You know my camera is ghetto, but you also know you can trust me when I tell you they're fab. Consequently, thanks to ghetto camera, the shoe color is true camel—even though it looks a lil off in these shots. These retailed for $595. (I got them on sale, natch.)

Editor's note—Danielle has first dibs on the Choos. Dior bag still avail but posting today on eBay.