Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sitting in FLL airport about to board my flight to New York, where I'll be living it up till Monday. Originally I'd hoped to do a little industry schmoozing this trip, but in the end—as my manuscript is not quite ready to share—I decided to make this a full-fledged vacay. This week last year, Ralf shaved my head, I was in the city post-chemo, uber-paranoid about germs and just not in a good state all around. This year, I'm healthy, happy, cancer-free, done with almost everything treatment-wise, and sporting a Jewfro. I see Ralf tomorrow, in the hopes of him giving me a wig adjustment so I don't have to wear a ghetto wig cap under my couture hairpiece.

Today I arrive at 2 p.m., head to the UES to drop off my bag at the apt I'm staying at, and then have an Orchid Imperiale facial at Guerlain in the Waldorf. The Guerlain in Bal Harbour is to die for, so I'm sure this one won't disappoint. Tonight is a much-needed girls' dinner downtown.

Tomorrow I have Ralf in the a.m., lunch with Vicky at Chopard. Soo excited to see Vicky and swap cancer stories and Sloan gossip.

I then am heading to Sotheby's, per Mrs. Olga Stern's suggestion, to have some very rare jewels of Roxy's appraised. Just for fun, but don't tell Sotheby's. Then it's dinner at Buddakan with Meredith and her friend who spends a lot of time in Miami. Super psyched to see that resto.

Saturday is a 5th Ave. day with Mer—lunch at BG cafe in Bergdorf's and lots of window shopping and perhaps scouting things out for mom and Lynn. Sunday night dinner with Michael, Saveira, Mer and her sis downtown. Sunday is a relaxing day, hopefully with brother and other friends I haven't seen in Months.

Monday afternoon departure and 12 a.m. arrival at FLL. Leave it to me to use points and book myself through ATL on the return flight. Oy. I must don the lymphedema garments worn above on the plane for preventative purposes.

Hems is watching my beloved Wally, so natch I left him incredibly obsessive and detailed instructions on what Wally likes and doesn't like, including how many times he should poop per day. I'm not used to leaving the little booger for so long without him being at mom and dad's house with his sissies. He's in good hands though.

Hems if you are reading this, don't fuck with him by staring him down and pulling you're "I'm going to hold him into submission!" Wally don't play like that.

And I found out this week that I only have two Herceptin infusions left, meaning April 21st marks my last trip to the chemo ward. You all know I'm going to have a party on 4/20 to celebrate! Shortly after I can have my port catheter removed! Woo-hoo the end-end is in sight. And I have the nips tattooed on March 30.

Normalcy is looming ahead, finally.
Ta until later.