Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crackheads, Potheads and Models, Oh My!

I've told you about the colorful characters in my hood, no? There's the Scary Tranny at Walgreen's who terrified me until he said, "Girl, your hair is fierce! You look like a rock star!"

The whacked-out, turban clad shaman/homeless man who sages the four-block radius around B&L's house. (I think there is good reason for this; there's some seriously weird energy around there—they're always having electrical problems and shit. One day their oven turned on by itself and nearly scorched their pad.) And the crackhead across the street at 7-11 who often benefits from my fancy dinner leftovers.

In short, people-watching in South Beach is always an interesting sport. Now it seems that one of my very good girlfriends has fashioned herself into one of these characters.

Tuesday night Miss X was set to come over to my place where we'd chill and watch The Biggest Loser and Real Housewives of New York—don't even get me started on that crazy psycho Kelly, whom I used to work with at Gotham. Miss X arrived carrying a black DVF dress of mine that she'd borrowed for a commercial, (she's a commercial model in her spare time), a CVS bag and her large handbag. Miss X is one of those lucky girls who, with her long legs, sick, lean body and gorge face, looks good even in a schmata and house slippers, which she's been known to walk around the nabe in. She sits down on my couch and puts a roach on my coffee table.

"What the hell is that? I rolled a new one for us."

"I smoked this on the way over. You should have seen me on my bike."

"You did what? Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Well, I thought it would be a nice, peaceful bike ride and I could smoke a J and relax. But then it turned into me on my pink bike, holding your dress on a hanger and trying to shove my shit into my basket. And then I couldn't really light the joint, but I was sort of smoking . . . "

I am dying by now, doubled over in laughter at the sight of this beautiful model, peddling down our street carrying a dress and two bags, smoking a J. (Marijuana is totally de-criminalized on the beach. We smoke at bars, in our yards, outside, on the beach. The lazy Dade County PD couldn't care less.)

"So there I am peddling and smoking a joint and of course as I pass 7-11 [directly across the street from my bldg.] I see two cops pinning down this crazy guy."

"The crazy eyes killa crackhead?"

"No, a new one. Some dirty ol' white guy. And here I go peddling by the cops smoking a joint. Or trying to."

I am dying.

"Oh my God!!! You've turned into one of the cuckoo neighborhood characters!!"

"Oh. My. God. I totally have!!"

We chill, smoke a lot—sorry mother, but I know how ya'll did it in the '60s; I know 'lids' cost $40 back then blah blah blah—and then get the munchies. Of course, I walk her out with Wally and we hand him off and take turns going in and out of 7-11.

"You have such a better selection of ice cream than we do at our market!"

"Yeah, fucking terrible for potheads. Junk food stores that are open all-night."

So Miss X and I are, well, really high. We walk back to my building where her bike is parked. I'm concerned about her getting home.

"Are you sure you're okay to drive? Er, ha, I mean pedal?"

"Hahaha! Biking Under the Influence, do you think they have that?"

"Shit, probably. Text me when you get home!!"

She did, but the text read: "This caramel cone crunch ice cream is un-fucking-believable."