Saturday, June 13, 2009


After much, much deliberation, many hours on the computer and countless familial shenanigans, I decided on a car. It's a 2009 Volkswagen CC.

I saw this car on the road this past week and really dug it. Then I started seeing it everywhere. The Glassman Girls have driven VWs for a while and really like them. So I got the name of their guy; drove my ass to Coral springs yesterday in my downgraded Toyota Corolla rental car with a missing hubcap; and put a deposit down on a lease.

It's my first lease, so I'm oddly excited about that little plot twist. Even the most mundane things in retail get me off. Can you say sicko shopaholic. Anyway, I loooove the car. The outside is sporty even though it's a sedan and the inside is sah—weet.

I mean, come on. Two-tone, black-and-tan interior trimmings? How me is that? My new car will go with every ensemble!

The only issue I'm having is on the exterior color. Ostensibly, the Champagne colored one with the above interior is the one on the lot I'm supposed to get. But I reaallly love the navy color that VW makes. The problem? One-hundred-degree days + dark colors do not a happy marriage make. So the question is: Will she once again sacrifice looks for comfort?

I could use a little input. Do we likey the Champagne color? (You can see it on the Web site.) I feel like I'm not 100 percent happy with the color, and natch, if it were a Balenciaga bag, I would go straight for the color I like. But a black Balenciaga wouldn't make my ass stick to the seats and cause my makeup to sweat off.