Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brows, Beauty and Baubles

I still write my monthly fashion/luxury goods and beauty columns for, I just haven't linked to them in forevs, so ladies you may want to check em out.

I am SO in love with these Chanel tights I wrote about. Def on my NYC shopping list.

Also, I'm helping my friend Donna McNett sell these awesome necklaces. Email/comment if you are interested. They are going for $168 each and I have a few samples that I will wear in photos once I actually bother to go out and get dressed. Lord knows when that will be.

I'm having my brows shaped for the first time ever today because the hair is growing in wild-style. And I was compelled to buy false eyelashes for the first time ever. Apparently, when the hair grows back it pushes the old stuff out. I never lost my lashes, but they thinned out. After chemo, the long ones started falling out and now they are coming in short and uniform in length. They are hideous. Ugh. I used to have really fantastic lashes. And hair. I miss my hair so much. I should've had a funeral for my hair. Said the Mourner's Kadesh (sp?). Apparently most people's hair grows back a different style, texture, thickness.
Please, please, please let it grow back thick and straight!!!!