Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Went for the first post-chemo cut at Prive (I don't know how to do accents on Blogger) salon yesterday and the cut is fabulous; no more errant flyaways or Flock-of-Seagulls-style wings. My friend Laura came with and even went out and got a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but neither one of us knew how to open a bottle without cracking one of the salon's gorge Venetian mirrors, so we saved the bottle until after. Prive's a very cool, super laid-back salon and Franck the owner—and founder Laurent's nephew—is adorable.

Anywho, the before and after photos. I have no idea why I look cross-eyed in the first photo. And, listen, I know that I can pull off the short hair and that you guys love it, but when you are forced to lose your hair, the short hair is a constant reminder that you lost your hair involuntarily. So while I am grateful for the fact that I can do the short thing, my hair cannot grow fast enough for my satisfaction. But the good news is that thanks to my fellow cancer patients, I knew exactly what to do to ensure that my hair grew back evenly and thickly. (If you want tips on chemo haircare, I'm your gal.)

The hot mess that was my head before:

And after

After the haircut we hungout at Ben and Laura's and popped open the champagne, which was hot, so we ghetto-fied it and put some icecubes in while wathing the lead up to the debates. The only thing I could think while I was watching this was how much McCain resembles a sinister-looking turtle. And how if he said 'my friend' one more time, ugh; I gave up and watched Rachel Zoe instead. Cannot get enough of this show. And I want her job.

From today's Los Angeles Times:

"Occasionally, it's been reported that aides have advised McCain to curb his use of the line. But clearly, that's a losing battle -- in Tuesday's 90-minute town hall encounter with Barack Obama, the Republican uttered "my friends" or "my friend" (directed at a specific questioner) 24 times."

Gah, you know our country's in serious trouble when the debates aren't even the lead story. And FYI, we are so heading for another—even more catastrophic—great depression. This is straight from the horse's mouth—Alan Greenspan to his friend to me. Seriously. I have a story, but I have to search for it, think it's in manuscript and I will post later. But get your money out of the market if it's not too late, so says the powers that were.