Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last month my friends and I were at the Gansevoort's club Louis. We had already been to a party or two and were not exactly stone-cold sober. None of us had been to this particular club yet.

We walk in and what we see is a midget dressed as Napoleon at thef helm of the doors. Orlene, Hemley and I stopped in our tracks. Clearly, this is not what you expect to see at a nightspot. 'What the fuck,' I'm sure I said. We were standing there for a min thinking and saying 'this is totally fucked-up what the hell is going here??? Hems told me later that he was so shocked he said, "Why thank you sir," when Napolean opened the door for him.

It was a topic of conversation for a while. Turns out that one of my friends had also had a run in with little Napoleon in the parking lot of the Gansevoort. There's something, well, I suppose disturbing about this little person's job to me. I'm not exactly politcally correct, but this strikes me as totally politically incorrect. What do you think the ad on Craig's List read? He's a little little person; not like Chuy on Chelsea Lately. Okay, cut to last Sunday, when I read the NYT Styles section and found this: