Friday, January 19, 2007

3 a.m. ramblings

Can one of my intelligent, medically inclined readers please explain to me why drinking wine always causes me to wake up in the middle of the night—wide awake. I know it has something to do with the sugar, but I would really like a scientific explanation and to know whether there is any way to combat this, as all I drink is wine. Mel? Seems like you might know something about this, I think you are fond of chemistry?.

Let's see, now that I am up at 3:52 a.m. after having three glasses of wine with dinner at Nobu with the dad and his friends, what to say? Well, Nobu uses too much sodium cause I am bloated and all I had were like 5 teeny-tiny vegetable rolls and a mushroom salad. On the plus side, I got to Shore Club a full 20 minutes before the rest of the party and table of men sent me over a glass of wine and one of them actually had the balls to come over and chat. That never happens to me; I'm telling you I never get approached by guys in bars. Soo anyway, that was nice.

But I missed Grey's, and truth be told, I would rather be watching Grey's than at Nobu.

I still haven't heard back from my landlord about postponing my move and he is showing the apartment today, so I think I will go clean a little before falling back to sleep. The fam is in town this weekend, which means lots of shopping, eating, guilt, tears, making up, drama, "where are you going with your life" speeches and the usual Jewish family histrionics.

Also, now, a plea for help: I need a real J-O-B. So if anyone has media (mag editorial, web, newspaper) contacts in NY or LA, please send them my way.

And I also read a fabulous, couldn't-put-it-down book this week called Twins by Marcy Dermansky; such an impressive debut.