Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Melodramatic Manhattan Merry-Go-Round

Yes, I am still moving. No, I have not yet told everyone properly. No, I don't know whether I will still write, though I suspect so because I think I am now addicted to blogging. It's a convenient way to keep a diary without having to write things out longhand.

I'm still utterly shocked and a little bit spooked when people approach me and ask me, "Are you Dish?!" Er, yes, I suppose so. How the hell have I gotten myself into this? I got called out on the blog a few times last night, and I find it hilarious that the women who read and introduce themselves or comment to my friends, talk almost exclusively about the handbag entry. We're all the same; I feel sorry for you guys. Even the most self-described low-maint girls have clandestine handbag and shoe fetishes, I'm convinced. I heard a really funny quote on TV the other night, must have been Law & Order since that's my new TV obsession. One of the detectives said, "Shoes are like crack to women." Soooo fucking true; esp. New York women, I think.

Anyway, spent some of the weekend with old Florida peeps, yeaaaaaaa Gordons, I'm giving you the much-requested shout out. Natch, the more time I spend with Miami peeps, the more attractive the destination becomes. OK, I have a point here, but it may take a while to get to. Was out last night at one of Mr. Devil's friend's parties at Nikki Beach, and of course, given the small circles that we all travel in, there were several intersecting social groups. We all recognized each other from either JDate, Friendster or one of the blogs. It's truly disturbing. And, as there were several JDaters or Friendsters there whom I'd blown off by never calling or writing back, it's a little awkward. We recognize them, so it would follow that they recognize us as well. Several people wished me well on my move, even though I'd never met them. Bizarre, though I def. appreciate the sentiments.

There is something incredibly disconcerting to me about "recognizing" people from online. Friendster and the blogs are one thing, but it totally creeps me out to see JDate people out and about, I don't know why. I've been off the site for several months now, for the mere reason that I found the whole experience dreadful and all we've all dated one another. How the hell is this possible in a city so large?

Maybe it's just that I expect to know everyone in the South, where the Jewish community is much more contained and tight-knit, but up here it freaks me out because I didn't grow up here and never did the summer-share thing, yet I still seem to recognize everyone, everywhere we go. It will be like that in Miami, where, instead of Binghamton it will be UF, and instead of Camp Starlight or wherever the hell you NY people went, it will be Blue Star.

We hung out with (I am giving you a pseudonym, since you gave me shit for not mentioning your name) Rich last night, who made an appearance in an earlier entry (Monday, January 16, 2006, "Continued, AKA Reasons to Head South for the Season") because his brother's GF lives in my building and I wanted to talk to her about The Rodent Issue. He told me the most disgusting mouse story I have every been privy to. Thanks A LOT, Rich; I cleaned for four freaking hours today. I could probably qualify to be an exterminator by this point, and I may as well have bought stock in the company that manufactures Fancy Feast. Have spent the past two hours alternately icing my leg and thumbing through the phone-book thick Ocean Drive tearing out apartment ads, whilst trying to avoid some big football game that all the boys seem to be talking about. The amount of new construction down there is staggering; and yes, I am fully equipped to deal with the cockroaches, palmetto bugs and hurricanes. Bring it on. Well, hold the cockroaches. And the palmetto bugs.