Sunday, March 23, 2008

Group Hug

My South Beach debut of the wig went well. Beau and I joined my gay boyfriend and his real boyfriend for a night of long-overdue culture. The New World Symphony had a performance featuring John Adams and electric violinist Tracy Silverman. It was lovely to have a night out that didn't involve a bar. The fab four of us grabbed a bite on Lincoln afterwards, and the wig seems to be a hit.

Dad arrived today with my beloved four-legged guy Wally and the chemo crew rocking Sinai tomorrow will include Dana, her mom Nancy and Dad. Wally, Beau and I are now sporting similar haircuts—we are all shaved. Wally is the most hirsute of the trio.

Durrett, Afrika Baby Bam, yours truly and Steve. Notice how the new boobage doesn't exactly fill out the Vera bodice. That's cause my titties are nearly up to my chin stretching the skin until the silicone goes in post-chemo.

On Lincoln Road—and no, we did not color coordinate on purpose. We just Got it Like That.

Dad and I at dinner at Perricone's for Easter