Thursday, April 10, 2008

So here's the latest. I'm feeling pretty well. We had a minor 4 a.m. interruption Weds morning wherein Brother called mom and me at my apartment to tell me that he received an extremely odd txt from Beau. It read: "Love you like a brother, see you on the other side."

Well. Beau had gone out with a mutual friend for a meeting around 11, and when I spoke to him last he was at the Delano. Next thing I know, he's sending my brother crazy-ass messages, not answering his phone and it's 4:30 a.m. And he has my house keys. So mom and I walk downstairs with Wally, and who is driving up into my valet? Beau, thank God for him. Long story, don't ask.

After Monday's chemo, Mom, Beau and I had a three-hour outing at Neiman's Last Call by the airport. I got a hot little MK bathing suit that actually covers my tennis ball tits, a pair of Piazza Siempone denimn shorts and a nightie. Beau scored three pairs of $200+ jeans for about $40 each. Humph. We went under the guise of seeing if they had the Oscar dress I got in a size smaller so that I wouldn't have to alter it. They didn't.

Tuesday we went back to hospital to get my immuno-booster shot and bid farewell to my nurse Audrey. My blood counts are fine, meaning my immune system is healthy. Afterwards mom and I brought Epicure lunch over to Dana and Jim's—she's going in for birth this Monday. She won't tell anyone the name of the damn girl, so we are going with Cunty or Kozy Shack or Coconut. (Godson is Kobi, Cat is Kutzy, dog is Cubby.) The 4 a.m. events had me up till 6 a.m., mom left at 8, I had therapy at 2 p.m. and then I made it to the gym for the first time ever on a chemo week. So I guess my body is getting used to the poison.

I am gearing up for a couple of photo shoots that will require me to don a bathing suit. In a week. That's about all the Equinox motivation I need. Keep your fingers crossed that these shoots accomplish what I hope they will.

And all you sexy BC survivors in the greater Miami area, please get in touch and I'll fill you in on the details of this photo shoot.