Thursday, September 01, 2005

RIP Betsy Green

Good, sweet, adorable, kind, spirited, wise, 18-year-old Lhasa apso Betsy Green was put to rest today. Betsy was the most rocking dog ever, and, if cloning for canines were available, the Greens would've replicated this sweet animal ages ago. I still remember the day we got Betsy--at an un-PC pet store, like all our other dogs. I was in sixth grade, we'd just moved into our new house, and mom and I just waltzed into a pet store, fell in love with Bets, and walked out with her in tow. I also still remember my mom on the phone in the laundry room with my dad, telling him that we'd just made a rather life-changing impulse buy.
"What? Another diamond?" dad probably asked mom. "Noo, we got a dog," mom replied, and the rest was history.
We chose her name from a school directory, I believe. And, in fact, I chose my dog's name from my temple directory. Yeah, we're a little odd. We eventually mated Betsy with my aunt's Lhasa, who was a bit nutso, and the result of that coupling was Lou Lou, who also passed earlier this year. Lou Lou was loveable and adorable, too, but Betsy was always the star. And I'm sure she'll be sitting pretty and docile and kind in that great dog run in the sky, wherever that may be. Love ya, Bets--you set an impossible example for other household pets to live up to. God knows Wally pales in comparison.