Monday, April 07, 2008

Chemo Live Blogging

Well, I'm live-blogging from my lovely chemo suite right now. Waiting on bloodwork to make sure my blood count is on par. Today I am dressed down in loungewear (Bleu Clair) and our crew is diminished--just mom and me. Dana is a week away from giving birth.

Yesterday Dana, Myrna and I met mom, Lynn and Gail at Sawgrass Mills for a little retail therapy. And I discovered what I've been searching and longing for my whole life--the perfect, fabulous Oscar de la Renta cocktail dress. At long last, my soul mate has arrived. It's haning on my closet door so I can behold it's beauty. It's not strapless as I'd hoped to wear for the Ciklin wedding in Sept., but it's still fantastic. Typical Oscar frock--fitted bodice full ballerina style skirt. Black silk with red swirly motifs gracing the botoom of the gown. I'm so in love.

Anyway, still waiting on the actual chemo to start. More TK.