Thursday, September 10, 2009

Someone is clearly having issues over here. Like sitting-outside-at- Starbucks issues. Quite the rare picture for me. In (at least they're clean) gym clothes—the fashionista equivalent to a $500-a-cut hairdresser with bad hair. I am aware, people. My trusty 10-year-old every day Bottega tote and a suprisingly posh looking faux-aligator, fuchsia tote that was a Neiman's cosmetics gift with purchase, FYI sit on the chair next to me. My table is a little more confused looking. Or maybe it's denizen is just plain old confused herself.

Let's examine the physical evidence atop the table: a 329-page 'manuscript;' an Equinox class schedule I just extracted from said 'manuscript;' a pink-highlighted, crumpled MS Word document that is my "Smudget;" about 30 pages of the Oribe blog excerpts; a venti iced americano; a cheapo Target notebook; a sterling silver pen; and a few (okay, five) discarded Wet Ones.

Hmm. It takes serious levels of laziness to get me to a table at Starbucks. As in, I'm sitting at home earlier walking around in circles trying to mentally figure out how to begin editing this book whilst getting distracted by phone calls and pretty much anything that I can turn into a distraction. And then I'm back on the couch, hands in hair, overwhelmed. And then I stare at the 300-odd printed pages that have been lying on my bars tool for a few weeks.

Next thought: I will have no excuse not to do work sitting at a table at Starbucks on my street. A relatively quiet residential stretch of South Beach. Ya'll locals know the one I'm talking about, so if you're at Whole Foods holler at me. I'm the one at the aforementioned table. Sitting here. Forcing myself not to look at the Gmail notifier with all my new shiny emails to read.

All this in an attempt to get a little itty bit of work done before I go to the gym for the second time today. I'm not gymarexic; this a.m. was yoga and p.m. cardio.

Fuck. I'm going to open the outline and edit some pages. First though, I have to buy tickets for THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Wooooooooooo! Finally a September 11th where I actually will leave the house at some point in the day.