Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chemo Cometh

Monday was my second of eight chemo sessions. Dad, Dana and Dana's mom Nancy were in tow for some comic relief. My nurse Audrey hooked us up with the private corner unit again with water views. Dad left yesterday afternoon and Beau drove in last night to take the lead.

The medicine in this syringe turns your pee pink. Audrey calls it 'big red.'

The side effects have been minimal this week. No night sweats or increased urination. This product you can buy at Wild Oats/Whole Foods called Black Cohash, works miracles on the night sweats and other menopause-like symptoms. A little bit of nausea, but no biggie. Hair not falling out yet, and after watching our video footage I'm missing my own hair and hating BANGS. Ugh.

They have to take my blood pressure via my leg . . .

Anyway, only six more to go! And I tried on one of my bras today—almost there, so one more inflation session and I'll be the full-C I once was.

3 more months and counting.

Below are from the 1st chemo, I can't remember if I posted these or not. The drugs fuck with my memory for damn sure. The boobage has "settled" since then.