Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new era will commence tomorrow my good people: the era of the nipple.

By Monday afternoon I shall be a more well-rounded woman.

Does the Cannibus Cup have a baking contest? If so, I'm going to shut it down next year. Mint-chocolate chip partay brownies. Could you die? Eat more than one and you just may think you will.

The cherry on the sundae of the sign stealing escapade:

I'm very fortunate to have such liberal parental units.

Also, Brother sent me this link, which is pretty fucking cool for The Economist. Crazy cool, actually and evidence of the small-mindedness of America. Rather, the small mindedness of Real America.

Honestly, how the fuck can some of my *best* friends vote for a ticket with a woman so. . .so. . .so, uh. . .indescribably re-fucking-tarded.