Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another case in point of how easily the media is manipulated. Apparently the makeup photos I took of Beau have made quite the impact.

This little blog—the comments at least—proves how unbelievably homophobic the hip hop community is. The irony is that some of the most major hip hop people/rappers are in fact gay.

I think you all will have garnered from my posts about Beau that he is most def not gay. Or bisexual. And yes I took all the makeup photos. And did the makeup. On my bed. Perhaps it's the glittery pillows. Or the retarded names he gave the photos—babe what the hell were you thinking? I don't take responsibility for the photo names. And this all came about from a few of the photos that he posted on his myspace page.

I'm having, thankfully, little side effects from the chemo. Woke up a little queasy, but the anti-nausea drugs work well. Went to the hospital for a shot that boosts your immune system. Bought surgical masks for the plane; doc said it's a good idea to bring in case there is some disgusting person hacking up a lung, which there always is.

And apparently, my hair could start falling out as soon as Saturday. Meaning I'll be in Bergdorf's leaving a trail of human fur behind me. Eww. Good thing I'm getting my head shaved and my wig fitted on Monday.