Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Even though I didn't get to go to Fashion Week, it's coming to me! I didn't realize (aka read all my press releases carefully enough) that tomorrow at the Jackson Memorial Foundation’s Guardian Luncheon Carolina Herrera is showing her entire collection. As in, everything that was in New York. And it's going directly from here to Paris. Ooh la la. I cannot wait! But, fuck—I really need daytime chic work wear. Seriously. When work involves these kinds of things in Miami, you tend to run through dresses fast. Yay to New York fashion and jeans and winter and coats and fur—yes, furrrrrrrrrrr—and boots and tights and oh I just love New York in the winter. But I digress.

Went to the Herrera boutique opening at Bal Harbour tonight and Carolina was surrounded by cameras. It was like watching TMZ on Robertson Blvd. It was so packed with pappers that a reporter from the AP interviewed me. Because she spotted Lisa and me taking photos of Carolina. Wanted to know why I thought Carolina was being treated like such a celebrity with all the people wanting to take photos of and with her.

"Uh, yeah, we're just taking photos of her cause we're loser fashionistas who love her."

So then I had to explain my 'theroy' about why Carolina was being treated like such a celeb here, in Miami. Kind of threw me for a loop and,
uhhh, I should've kept my mouth shut. I'm hoping that I do not see my name in an AP story tomorrow. Bad Veuve, bad bad!