Sunday, June 03, 2007


As per usual, my parents' friends threw a great party, this one for my dad's best friend (and 2nd father to me) David's upcoming 60th birthday party. David, who prides himself on never being one-upped, was truly, utterly shocked.

I have posted all the photos on Flickr. But below are some of the highlights.

Uncle David, making his entrance, utterly stupefied.

Me, at home pre-party, as I promised Suhani I would take a pic of me dolled up donning her fabu necklace.

Me and loyal reader and suddenly slimmer Nancy P.

Me and David's youngest, Leah.

Me and David's older daughter Lindsay.

The girls and a very happy, anonymous (as requested) captain of industry. And how fab is Debbie's Missoni dress? Also ordered off the Internet, sight unseen!

Mom, Lynn (my Palm Beach mom and fashion/jewelry partner in crime and one of mom's best friends) and me pre-party. Mom is in Armani, and Lynn may be too, but I'm sure she will correct me if I'm wrong.

Me, mom and Uncle David.

Dad and me.

David and his 85-year-old mom, Kosher Kate, who is not only sharp as a tack but is always dancing on stage with the rest of us!

And for my fashionista readers, my ensemble: the dress, some designer I've never heard of, bought sight unseen off eluxury; the necklace by the fabulous suhani pittie; the earrings antiques from great-grandmother on my dad's side; the purse Marc Jacobs; the watch Roxy's much coveted and borrowed vintage Chopard; and the shoes, which you probably can't see anywhere, Manolo, natch.