Sunday, September 04, 2005


Since I'm bored and brain dead and at "work," I figured I'd start listing celeb sightings and musings. Lunching at Bubby's today, spotted a rather portly Emil Wilbekin, formerly (me thinks) of Vibe mag. Also, a scruffy, but adorable, David Schwimmer, clad in baseball cap with not-so-attractive female companion. The city is soo empty this weekend that the old fogeys are crossing the streets in slow motion uninterrupted. I've never noticed so many old people wandering the streets before, it's like all their offspring abandoned them for the weekend or something. Weird. Anywho, out last night in Meatpacking, could swear was the only Manhattanite for miles. At the Gansevoort, personal space impeded by screeching Midwesterners, saccharine-sweet Southerners, underage highschoolers, Israelis, Italians and hordes of bridge-and-tunnelers. Thank God have vacation coming up, or would've have been really depressed to be in city this weekend. As it stands now, just hoping hurricanes steer clear of sunny Bermuda in the forthcoming week.