Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dancing Queens? Yeah, Not So Much

The decision to stay or go would be much, much simpler if I didn't have so much God damn fun with my friends up here. And I love the fact that it's always when you least expect to have a rowdy time or big night that everything falls into place easier and you end up having a better time than when meticulously planning everything. Thought last night would be a quiet one, dinner w/the girls in Meatpacking, sending off Shartz (I'll keep calling you that until you give me a viable pseudonym)—poor thing is being forced to go to the Four Seasons in Maui—but ended up partying at a club with the guys and the girls and even my younger bro and his friends. My brother is more Lower East Side than Metrosexual, to say the least, so imagine my gleeful surprise to find him dancing and letting loose with both his friends and mine. Of course, it was after much cajoling from his gal pal, myself and my friends, and there may have been copious amounts of alcohol involved as well. Just a guess. But contrary to your opinion bro, you certainly have more rhythym than dad, who is quite possibly the whitest dancer ever. Makes Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld seem Martha-Graham-esque. Seriously.

I still remember going to some concert at Radio City with the family when I was in high school and being exposed to the visual horror that is dad's "dancing." It was some hippie reunion concert with, like, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, The Guess Who, etc., and I thought dad was going to knock someone over with his gyrating, tushie-pushing and wacko arm movements. He doesn't care though, luckily, so he's still shaking his booty to this day. In fact, the 'rents are at a destination wedding at this very moment, so it's quite possible that Costa Ricans are being subjected to the Daddy Dance as I write. He doesn't read this too carefully, but if he does, this paragraph may be redacted soon. Anyway, I'm quite sure that his friends reading this will agree with my characterization of his white man's shuffle. Not that I am any better. In fact, nobody in my family seems able to dance, but that doesn't stop us. So brother is just accepting his rightful place in the Green family hierarchy. But I don't think either one of us can dethrone dad.

Will post last night's pics when I get them. In the meantime, support my friends and family by reading and watching the tube.

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I'm sure I have other shout-outs due, but I can't remember them at the moment.

I think it's hilarious that now whenever I am out with my friends and something funny happens, it's always followed with, "Is this gonna make the blog?" It's just you guys reading about yourselves anyway. And if I chronicled everything noteworthy or humorous here, I would be chained to my desk. Never a shortage of drama, and I have to protect the innocent, and the guilty, for that matter. And the juciest stuff is for our ear's only; this shit is just scratching the surface.