Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chemo Tour

Yesterday—last Herceptin infusion, meaning LAST DAY in chemo ward. Follow-up protocol is a visit with Doc Schwartz every three mos for blood work, and "thinking about having your ovaries removed before 40."

I have seven-plus years to think about that.

I thought a photo tour of the building I've spent the last year+ would be appropriate as I'm pressed for time. One week from today, my port gets removed.

This is what the port looks like after they've drawn blood to send for lab work:

I go fr chemo ward where they draw the blood, to Schwartz who checks the blood work, back to chemo where they hook up the dangling cord to the IV.

Dr. Michael Schwartz, one of my favorite people in the world:

The trusty IV pole:

Schwartz's exam room:

The Herceptin, or "Vitamin H." I strongly encourage you to watch the amazing movie, Living Proof, about the amaaaazing doctor, Dennis Slamon, who invented this drug.

The machine as it beeps and blinks, indicating that the infusion was finished. Done! "I'm done, I'm done, come unhook me," I exclaimed walking out of the room doing a dance with the IV pole.

A fond farewell to the chemo suites with arguably the best views of any chemo ward in the country.

Good-bye to the building of life, death and rebirth. I will see you again in three months! Ta.