Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Norton, I love you to death—hopefully not literally on my part—but could kill you in lieu of this one-week Xeloda cycle. A week+ after I stopped, my back is still in agony. So much so that despite acupuncture yesterday, I'm going back to Chad for a massage today. Swear to fucking god, just one week without pain, okay?

It's a beyond-beautiful day here in South Beach, so I went to the pool for some much needed Vitamin D. But, I multi-tasked and—wait for it— finally began editing Cancer Is the New Black. And to my surprise, it's not nearly as cringeworthy as I suspected. There were a lot of LOLs. I got through 40 pages.

Fortunately, I've got several VIPs in publishing willing to read the book for me before I send it out to agents. However, given that Gary was my original mentor (and former professor) he's first in line. He knows me best. He offered, well commanded really that I email him the manuscript, saying something along the lines of "Just fucking send it to me already. Now! Stop listening to your shrinks and listen to me!"

Somehow that was easy to do; to listen to him as opposed to my shrinks—though Gary isn't the one who just called me to offer up a Marinol scrip;). So Gary has the first look—Gary who is as brutally honest as yours truly. He won't pull any punches, has known me for nine years now and is, well, a VVIP and a dear, dear friend, whose input will be priceless. And probably a little hard to take, but hey, must thicken this fragile artiste's skin.

Anywho, major hurdle accomplished. I'm like 1/8th the way through editing this monster now.

Aaaargh my back hurts. Can't yoga. Cannot. Fucking. Sleep. If I can't sleep, you know it's serious. It's to the point where I'd definitely pop a Perc or Vicodin if I had 'em. Or to where I need to go get a Tempurpedic mattress to supplement my pillow. I may try some herbal Chinese pain meds if this continues.

Okay, gym, acupuncture massage and dinner with Joni at Canyon Ranch Grill. What a healthy day! Hmmm, that's odd, no?