Thursday, April 05, 2007

Remember when I said it couldn't get any better than Positano? Well, boy was I wrong. Our hotel in Amalfi is simply to die for, and the town itself is so quaint, so adorable and so good for shopping. Many bargains to be had, despite the Euro. Seriously, I need to meet a nice Italian Jew with a summer home in Amalfi and then just stay. It's that beautiful. I can't upload pics until I get home. But, suffice it to say that if I could dream up the ideal decor of a beach house, this hotel would embody it. And our rooms are huge, with fab balconies overlooking the Mediterranean. Sigh.

Unfortunately, we are leaving tomorrow for Rome, which I've spent a great deal of time in and find to be a bit overwhelming. But the Good Friday celebration should be interesting. And our guide has promised to take us to the outlets tomorrow on our way from Pompeii to Rome.

But kids, especially honeymooners, you must visit this hotel.

And I have no way to moderate comments from here, so to the reader who asked about the slim wrap, follow my links in previous posts and you should be able to get a location near you. . .