Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finally, Good News (or at least not bad news)

Hey bitches! Yesterday's report from Schwartz was pretty, pretty, pretty good'—the nodes have all either shrunk or held steady. (The most important thing is that no NEW nodes have formed.)

Schwartz happy with progress. Looking ahead though, he gave me 'homework'. As soon as I was re-diagnosed. Schwartz took it upon himself to research PARP inhibitor clinical trials for me and had no luck in Florida. So I'm now looking into that. I'm hoping to score one in Europe and get a vacay out of it.

Worse to worse (also looking ahead) IF (please no!!) I had to get chemo again, it would be Carbo Platinum and it does not induce hair loss [in most people; hopefully JewFro will help keep the follicle loss from happening.

On hold with the fucking answering service even though I was told to call at 5:15!!! Motherfuckers!