Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I am absolutely exhausted. I got home from Vegas Sunday night about 1:30 a.m., went for my Herceptin yesterday and woke up early today for lymphedema therapy.

So, tomorrow breast cancer awareness month starts. I am definitely more aware, right? Last year at this time I was trying to ignore the commercials, telling myself my small lump was nothing. But the scare campaign worked and I went and got tested and you know the story from there.

I'm going to sell some of my clothing/accessories/whatever and donate a large percentage to BC research, if they sell that is.

My mom and friend just texted me that Christina Applegate is on Oprah for the breast cancer thing. And you all know my feelings about Oprah, so I'm not watching it. But apparently Christina's got the expanders in. And I have to say she's working them. They look lower than mine did though. Let's compare and contrast.

Here's Stephanie in vintage Pucci, probably still a small B cup . . .

Here she is in her Neiman Marcus Last Call pyjamas. Definitely a C cup by then.

And here's Christina in Reem Acra:

I mean, is it possible that she had a better surgeon than me? Well I never! If that's the case, then I shall surely bring this to Doc Rosenbaum's attention. But what I suspect is that she had smaller tatas than me to begin with. And that she's at the beginning of the expansion process, meaning she's still a smallish cup size. If you notice in my first photo, when they were still small, they are not as noticeably high.

I think several other factors come into play here as well; I will ask Doc R. when I go in for my nipple and lipo operation Oct. 27. I'm having my flanks lipo-sucted; I think I've mentioned that. It's the area on either side of my rib cage. when you remove the breast tissue the fat/tissue/whatever redistributes itself there. It's puffy, it's tender and like I've said—my precious clothing fits more snugly because of this. I've had many meltdowns upon trying on my side-zip dresses due to this fucking extra tissue/fat. Did I mention the fact that a few weeks ago I tried to get into one of my DVF evening dresses with a side zip and ended up literally cutting the zipper to get the fucking thing off me? No? Well, you can imagine how fabulous that made me feel. I've got to take it for repairs.

Anyway . . . oh, here are some of my posts on my expander experiences. I'm very curious now about why her tennis balls are SO much lower than mine were. I refuse to accept that I have anyone less than the best reconstructing my upper half.

Hers do look lopsided though, no? Hummph. At least mine are symmetrical sweetie. Leave it to me to turn mastectomy reconstruction into a beauty contest. She didn't have chemo either so nanny-nanny boobie, Applegate.

Oh, and PLEASE go to this site called Free Kibble. Each day they post a trivia question and every answer (even the wrong ones) means food for neglected doggies. It was started by some little girl. Bookmark it and play every day for the pups!!!