Friday, November 13, 2009

Kicking Ass in Chanel

That may be a decent book title.

I do so apologize for the lack in blogs.

I tend to forget to post the major news here, as I kind of assume that you readers are among my 1,000+ Facebook friends? But some of you are not, soooo. . . .

Yesterday was my sonogram with Mesko. Eight-thirty a.m. Yes, I woke up. The only exceptions to my sleeping-late schedule are doctors' appts, surgeries and flights.

I'll save you the suspense except to say that I was tres nervous—I was by myself, potentially facing baaad news for the first time.

And I should point out that my insistence upon a sonogram in addition to last week's checkup with Schwartz was all me. Translation: I was requesting 'overscreening.' For factual evidence and peace of mind. Schwartz and Mesko were happy to participate and, though technically the sonogram was not necessary this early, they said "we'll do whatever you want."

Overscreening and insisting on what you need is where it's at, Cancer kids. Maybe overscreening is the new black? The head of the ACS would love that (the fucking idiot).

Well, let me tell you, the comfort I got by looking at the sonogram pictures with Mesko was beyond priceless. Not only could he measure each enlarged node to tell me how much they've shrunk—yes, all the tumors have shrunk! I totally buried the lead here. But by requesting a sonogram I could see with my own eyes the physical effects the meds have had. Thank fucking god that all the nodes showed significant shrinkage in a mere month!

I saw the proof. I overscreened. And I can tell Mesko was pleased both with the results and the fact that he did the sonogram. Thank god for doctors and nurses who heart me!

I've run out of time but lots more fun stuff to talk about. Wait till you see the AH-MAAZING photos Ben and Laura shot of me on Wednesday. They are beyond and we had a fucking blast doing it.

The most major (non-Cancer) news is that I'll be reading at Books & Books (not sure which one yet) Friday December 11—come one come all! xoxo