Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shilling Time

I haven't shilled for my friends too much lately, so here's something. Check out my verrrry funny friend's ad—so funny I don't know why he's wasting his time in advertising for Christ's sake. Oh wait, advertising is the one form of writing that still pays. Got it. Anyway, by watching this short ad he's in, you'll be helping him win something or other. Something to do with Cannes. Which I believe is a town in France that I'm familiar with from long ago when I actually had a life and an impressive international travel schedule. But I digress.

The real story:
It's part of a competition to win the YouTube Cannes Young Lions Awards. The goal of the ad is thus: "To drive people to the Oxfam Web site to sign a petition in time for a big UN meeting in Copenhagen (December 2009).

The work will be evaluated 50 percent on total YouTube hits and 50 percent by the judging panel. The more hits we get, the merrier."

So click away peeps.

On a Stephanie note, I think it's rather pathetic that I edited Megler's text into AP Style. And now am headed to Laura and Ben's so he can write my JDate profile for me. What. A. Life.