Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wake up at beach; splendid day, didn't want to leave. Clean condo and drop off keys. The trunk is to the brim and like I said, that trunk could fit three corpses—or live bodies for that matter.

Head into town—a 30-mile trek. Drop Wally off at parents' house, go to dentist to reattach front temporary crown, again. My teeth suck. Boo. Meet mom in JCC parking lot to exchange beach club card for her and book on tape for me (Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth; excellent). Back to the house to collect Wally. Hit the road for Miami, tooth in place, but I'm fearful to eat anything. I had hard-boiled eggs and a banana on the five-hour trip. So not normal. Anywho, it took me about an hour to unload my car. I seem to have, uh, bought stuff. The cosmetics bag that contained my hoarded Korres steals from Marshalls weighs two pounds I swear. Man, that was such a Roxy move.

My teeth ache and I'm eating soup—the most delish soup from Fresh Market, but still—and I have an entire apartment worth of luggage to unpack. Back to the real world, if this is it.