Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Condo Commandos

Tomorrow my folks are coming in for the day to look at condos with me. I've just learned that my friend will be back Monday, so it looks like I'm on the move once again. My realtor and I have it narrowed down to 3 buildings. We are using the Macy's to Neiman's analogy to explain the apartments to my folks. Of course I want Neiman's (and mom will too), but in this loony tunes market, sometimes the Macy's properties are as expensive as the Neiman's ones. The top two are Neiman's; the last one is Saks. And the Macy's one? Such a $500,000 craphole I didn't bother taking pictures.

This is where I want to live; a 24th floor junior penthouse with unobstructed ocean views from every room. (The Dog Building.) And check out the bathroom.

This is the second-runner up, but more $$$ and not as close to the ocean and the beach.

This is the third-runner up—not as super high-end as the other two buildings, but the apartment is nice and the owner did a great renovation.