Friday, April 06, 2007

I am sitting next to obnoxious New Yorkers at the St. Regis in Rome, they are talking of Bleecker Street, real estate closings on 50 Lexington Ave. and Britney in rehab again (?). There is nothing more annoying than JAPpy New York girls. Thank God I am from Fla.

Wherever you go, there you are.

And for those of you ignorant readers who have not noticed--I have comment moderation and therefore do not approve negative/bitter comments.

So, to Ryan, whom I suspect is this little weasly, stalkery motherfucker I used to work with: Yes, I can afford a vacation in Italy and fat wraps. And, yes, I am still accepting donations for my trade. Would you be a waiter-cum-male huster for free? I think not, sweetie darling. Soo kindly go fuck yourself.

Tomorrow I will be among Michaelangelo and on Via Condotti. Then back to Jackassville, then off to Miami.

And, yes, I actually do write for a living. And get paid for it. Imagine that.