Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: The sound a female emits when she sees and or holds a material possession that inspires awe in her, sung in a soprano-like pitch.

Example given.
Monday Laura bought her faaaaabulous wedding shoes— which I helped her pick out, a true fashion and friendship honor—at Neiman's. She makes the purchase, holds up the shoe and says: "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

They're indeed "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" worthy:

Her first pair of premier designer shoes and Louboutins at that. I have officially brought her over to the dark side, where it's so much more fun.

And when I got home today I had my own "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa" moment when I opened the box containing my new Filofax. J'adore.

It's dark denim. I'm beyond excited. If you're a Filofax person, you'll understand. It's like being a Mac person. When you start with Filofax, you're in for life. This one, however, is super-trendy and edgy for the brand. And I can't wait to start filling it up! I think it will stay much cleaner than the leather ones I seem to destroy. Long live Filofax and the art of actually writing using pen and paper.