Sunday, August 27, 2006

More JDate Sociopaths

Um, the blog is getting a little too personal as of late, now that more than just friends and family are reading. And it's kind of creeping me out again. So I will just continue with my pithy observations about human nature in general and mercilessly mock the deserving dimwits. Onto JDate.

This dude had this picture posted—from like high school or his bar mitzvah, riiiiiiight???

And he emailed me, and though I had no interest, I had to ask about the picture. So I wrote:

RE: hello

OK, I have to ask, is that first picture a bar mitzvah or high school pic? It looks awfully old...

And he responded, within a couple of hours THREE SEPARATE TIMES:

The first:
RE: RE: hello


Bar Mitzavh to match yuor Bat Mitvah about you come see me and find out for yourself?

We can start with your tel #.

(This makes no sense, as I clearly look my age in my pics; they are all within the past six months.)

The second:
RE: RE: hello - reply #2

I just purchased a large piece of Wild Salmon. Now I just talekd to a chef and I must go back and get Sesame oil, Wasabi Powder, Garlic, Ginger, Tereaki Suace, Lime/lemmon and honey mustard. If yo9u want you can come over for dinner. Do you like that? What else do you like? I will get it if you say yes.

(Jesus H. What the hell?)

The third:
RE: RE: hello - reply #3


Better yet, as I will prob not be back to the computer -- call me at if you have the daring to do so.
please introduce yourself as SG19 so I know who you are.

And to that last one, because he was just a LITTLE too fucking psycho, I responded:

RE: RE: RE: hello

you have serious issues.

I HONESTLY cannot believe that people meet their mates on this site. These guys are total nutjobs.