Friday, August 15, 2008

life's a beach

the lymphedema glove is accessorizing my arm, so pardon the lack of punctuation and caps.

i wish all days could start with a mani/pedi at the ritz, followed by lunch at the standard, capped off b ya quick trip out on a friend's boat.

did i mention how a random twist of fate brought together a gf of mine from new york and a guy friend of mine down here? without my knowledge? three weeks ago the whole crew was out and when CT showed up, there LK was on his arm. she's back here, so HG and i had a fabulous, relaxing day with them. they like my boobs.

there is nothing like being on a boat, is there? to me being on the water is one of the most brain-calming and peaceful gifts nature affords.

i'm heading to nyc in the a.m. until thursday night, so you might not here from me. or maybe you will. i'm bringing the computer.

have a fabulous weekend everybody. and continued good health to you, ellie.