Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Midas Touch

I know you all may have think I exaggerated in my praise for ORIBE in yesterday's post, so check it. First there's the Versace campaigns from the era that I so immersed myself in.

These photos are all lifted from Oribe's web site. (By clicking that link you can see the full extent of his genius over the decades.)

And look at Christy's hair below. Is it not still uber-chic today? In fact, I think it could be a cute cut for me, not that I'm saying I could pull it off like Ms. Turlington/Burns. These are some of the frocks that Meredith had to surgically remove me from at the FIT show in 1992 or '93. I mean, come on, anyone who doesn't like Versace—and don't get me wrong, I sometimes want to hurl when I see men in a Versace ensemble—still has to respect his artistry.

I have both Versace coffee table books from this era—the Signature book and South Beach Stories—so you know I'm going to have him sign them both.

A more recent Vuitton campaign. Would it be too much if I asked him to turn me into Giselle?

Hellll-ooooo, Racquel Welch from the 1980s.

These hands will be in my former Jewfro! Cannot. Fucking. Wait. Meredith, have you booked your ticket yet??!!!