Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh and let's not forget about my neighbor. I live in what would be the New York equivalent of a white glove building West of Third on the Upper East Side, okay? And this is my neighbor!

Sic to the whole ESL paragraph, obv.

"Unit XXX, according to bentley bay residents,is a homosexual brothel with a small methaamphetamine lab, hence electricity is being stolen from the hallway to power a generator to produce the meth. The sixth and seventh floor's should be careful of any chemical contamination.
The other night our president, Mr. Alan Tempkins, caught Emmanuel XXX (unit XXX) digging in the garbage of the Bentley Bay. Mr. Emmanuel XXX tried to take the old computer of Mr. tempkins after Mr. tempkins caught Emmaunel XXX dumpster diving.It was bizarre to say the least."

Yeah, bizarre. That's the word. Seriously, this city is SUCH a joke! I heard, from other sources, that his maid felt funny after working for him, went to the doctor and tested pos for meth. Additionally, the construction dude who used the corner unit on my floor as an office, went into Emannuel's apt and saw him brewing something in the bathroom. Then recanted his story, with rightful fear of meth heads coming after him.

Why couldn't it have been a grow house instead?